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Thursday, 30 August 2012

Dating on Facebook

We all know facebook, and all our friends know facebook,.and all our friends' friends know facebook. So why not use use our social networks to date?

Now I sense you're all thinking "no chance". Why? Well it's simply because statistically when you start dating you will meet a few toads before you meet your Prince. Or as some of my male friends would say "there are just too many bunny boilers on line".

It is basic human nature to meet prospective partners, weigh them up and decide whether to develop the relationship further. Do you really want to air all that in public?

Those that really know you, your close friends and family, are always going to be welcome into your private live but how many of your facebook friends truly fall into that category?

Armed with the realisation that some dates will indeed falter, perhaps it's best to keep them away from your public facebook profile. Some people may not be too keen to be dumped or jilted, and the last thing you want is unwelcome posts appearing on your facebook page. Imagine your mums face when she reads how your ex date rated you based on the previous evening.

Nearly all on line dating sites provide anonymity and this part of the service should be used until you're confident that your potential date is not the putting a kitten in microwaves type.

I know many of you may think that facebook allows you to block visitors and delete posts but I personally have a hard time working out how to control my privacy settings on facebook. No sooner do I think I have a handle on it then those nice people working for Mark Zuckerberg change the layout and I'm back to square one.

Keep your "freak filter" on at all times. I'll let you know when facebook adds that option.

What do you think?


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