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Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Soul Mate Or Sex Buddy?

Dating sites ask you to put some heart and soul into your on-line profile, but before you do take a moment to think about your what you want first? Your singles profile is your passport to a new relationship and it should be tailored with an objective in mind.

If you're looking to settle down and find someone to start a family with, then your profile should reflect that objective. A long drawn out description of your likes and interests will not suffice. You are not applying for a job, but perhaps that analogy is not too far of the mark. You are advertising a "vacancy" in your life. You have a position that needs to be filled and you are inviting applications. So let any "applicants" know exactly what is required and what you can offer in return.

If romance is not your thing, and you're simply looking for a sex buddy, then that's what you should be saying. Don't beat around the bush trying to make yourself interesting by announcing you like good films, great food, friends and the occasional theatre trip. Guess what? We all like laughing, going out and having fun. Listing generic hobbies and interests does little more than fill up your page with words and characters. So think about what you want out of a relationship before you start typing, then cast your net accordingly.

The art of conversation is a redundant skill if all you want is your  partner's mouth buried between your thighs.

Carefully consider which dating site you need to join. Different dating sites cater for different clientèle. Some are tailored for romance. Some will try to help you get laid. Here ate dating121 we offer completely separate websites that cater for "general dating" and "adult dating". We keep them separate so you can find exactly what you are looking for. Write that perfect relevant profile, post on the right dating site, and dig where the gold is.

Perhaps you're a Jekyll and Hyde character? In which case, write two profiles and use two separate websites. One open sincere profile for addition to a sincere singles site, and one flirty provocative profile for an adult dating website. You've got nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Happy Dating x

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