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Friday, 11 May 2012

Kissing On Your Date

  • Prepare your lips: You can only be a good kisser with soft, supple, relaxed lips. Regular peeling removes dry skin (there are lip peeling creams you can buy for this), lip balm makes your lips soft (ideally, use an unscented, neutral balm), and facial exercises relax your muscles (the same type as the exercises you do to warm up your vocal chords before a concert).
  • Fresh breath: Similarly, you can’t be a good kisser with bad breath. Brush your teeth regularly, especially just before a date, and also clean your tongue and use floss. Chewing gum or mints keep your breath fresh on the go. Only eat garlic if your date is doing the same, otherwise avoid at all costs.
  • Read the body language: There are conscious and subconscious signals that signal that a person is ready to kiss: open body language, turned towards you, hands touching body or hair, etc.
  • Move closer:If you feel that your partner’s body language looks inviting, you can slowly reduce the distance between you and begin to touch casually – at first, by lightly brushing a shoulder or knee in conversation, then by holding hands or a similar, affectionate gesture. Should your partner pull away at any point, keep your distance.
  • Initiate the kiss: If the reaction is positive, however, you are ready for the kiss. Lean in carefully and slowly, tilt your head slightly to one side (most people tend do go for the right) and maintain eye contact.
  • The kiss: The first contact is lip-to-lip, slightly off-centre. For example, you can first kiss the lower lip (softly, not with tense, puckered lips), pull away a little, then kiss the upper lip. After a little while, let your tongue touch your partner’s lips lightly. If the lips open, push your tongue through carefully, until your lips are touching. Keep things interesting by alternating between moving your tongue around, first in one direction, then the other way. In between, return to a kiss on the lips.

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